When it comes to massive maps, open worlds and the best roleplaying games out there, CD Projekt Red The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt set the bar. This is the game by which all others are measured. The gold standard, if you will. We are going to cover Witcher 3 Mods and the DLCs (Blood and Wine and Hearts of Stone).

The Steam powered game is nearly completely interactive. It is available to play on Mac, PC, PS4, Xbox360 and Xbox One. If you are looking for Witcher 3 guides and walkthrough, we’ve got those too. Information on the quests, such as quest Now or Never. Witcher 3 “Witcher gear” sets and which is the best. Not to mention everything you need to know about Witcher 3 Nexus mods.

For a little about this game, you need to know that the Witchers are mutants. Not the grotesque oversized (though sometimes downright amiable) super mutants from the Fallout games. Nope, they are engineered from childhood, raised and altered with chemical, mutagenic and magical influences. The final product, like the main character Geralt of Rivia, is an epic, monster killer designed to combat all manner of evils.

Mercenary by nature, Witchers hire out their skills, taking Monster contracts from those who need an evil dealt with. They cannot reproduce because the same forces that render them deadly render them also sterile. They do, however, accept children occasionally as a form of payment for their skills. Those children are raised to also be Witchers.

In The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, we find Geralt searching the immense world of the Witcher with a fiery intensity. Yennefer, one of his main love interests, and Ciri (a mysterious waif, to be sure) are missing. Geralt works through his world, quest after quest, never taking his eye from the ball. He will not stop until he has found Ciri, and Yennefer, and deat with Triss as well (his other main, long-term love interest (who he ends up with is up to you).

All of the Witcher’s NPCs (non-player characters) have full day-night cycles. This game is like a choose your own adventure book, only set in a beautiful sci-fi art book with a truly deep and involving storyline. That may be because the series is based on the Witcher Novels by Andrzej Sapkowski ($7.99 – $11.99 on Amazon). You don’t have to read the books, or really even know the previous storyline to play (but it helps).

The game is the beautiful, interactive, and interesting role-playing game you’re seaching for, and it’s been there all along. With a decade of staying power, and a tantalizing look into the next installment, there’s nothing not to love. Quality, great graphics, mods, gear and quests, it’s all here for you to peruse.

The Best Witcher 3 Walkthroughs for You

The Witcher 3 guide that will walk you through everything you need to know. Well, actually, guides, as in the best 3 we can find (Youtube Videos), following a short game outline

List of quests in the Witcher 3, by area:

Full Witcher 3 Walkthrough

Here’s part one of an epic 22 hours-long walkthrough by Gamer the Barbarian.

And here’s part two.

QUESTS: *Now or Never Witcher 3

This quest is, more or less, all about Triss’ love life. It is also one of the parts in this story that remind us, the Witchers aren’t prudes. They can’t reproduce due to the mutagens and compounds that “made them” what they are. Sex, then, is much like any other enjoyable pastime, be it Gwent or drinking, enjoyed by Geralt and others.

Triss Marigold has been Geralt’s main (though not only) love interest throughout the Witcher storyline. In this quest, you will set up events that will either see you ending the story in Yennefer or Triss’ arms. Your choices will determine the outcome, but as Witchers aren’t all “sticky” about morals, what you do here doesn’t cement it either way.

Yes, there is a little Romantic content in this scene.

Now or Never Walkthrough

Spoilers, of course, but if you are looking for a walkthrough to this quest, try this one:

Quests to Collect Gwent Cards (Internal link)

The Witcher games include an in-game card game called Gwent, which has now inspired physical and online card games. They are in the same vein as Magic the Gathering. The rules are simple, and the PlayGwent website claims you can learn the basics in just 15 minutes. Gwent is a great stand-alone game, as well as an important part of the Witcher game and storyline. Anywhere you find plenty of drink, carousing sailors, or mirth and wicked revelry, you’ll find a player with a deck ready to go.

There are many Gwent quests in this game, but we’ll showcase the first here

Playing Innkeepers, the first Gwent Card Quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The first real Gwent Quest in the game when you play the Witcher 3, this one find you facing Innkeepers. They offer some darn good Gwent cards to win, as well. You can walk away with the cards for Yennefer of Vengenberg or Menno Coehhoorn (hero and medic).

When you come to the city of Oxenfurt, find the Innkeeper Stjepan in The Alchemy Innthis begins the quest.

You will face three Innkeepers during this quest:

  • The Alchemy Inn (Oxenfurt): Stejpan, to win the card Yennefer of Vengenberg
  • Kingfisher Inn (Novigrad): Oliver, to win the card Tibor Eggebracht
  • The Inn at the Crossroads (Velen): The Innkeeper to win the card Menno Coehhoorn

Witcher 3 Mods

Mods change the game to make it more like you want it to be. You can change Ciri’s appearance, or enhance lighting to create a more “otherworldly” flavor. You could fix your stash to make it easier to use, a friendly stash. PC Gamer lists some of the must-have mods for us, but we’ve also found a video of the 5 mods you won’t want to go without.

Below, you will find three of the best you can get from Nexus Mods, as well.

Witcher 3 Nexus

Nexus is a hosting service for mods. Or, as they put it, “We host 244,383 files for 506 games from 76,275 authors serving 13,925,952 members with 2,441,714,043 downloads to date.” Nexus statest that they “support modding for all PC games. If you can mod it, we’ll host it.” When it comes to the Witcher, they are the bees knees of mod hosting sites.

Even better, according to Polygon, they are to be introducing a sort of “Patreon” style donation system for modders. Those who create useful and popular mods will be rewarded from a fund. That fund is going to start with a sizeable pool, initiated by Nexus Mods, and gamers who use the mods can donate to it also.

The Witcher 3 Nexus is the best place to go for mods, hands down.

3 All-Time Favorite Mods from Nexus

Ciri – Alternative Look:

Posted by Gideon Turner on Sunday, January 14, 2018

“New alternative outfit created from scratch for Ciri.
Based on this concept art: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/vJoRD
Version 2 has a different hairstyle.”

Lightsource Yrdin:

the witcher 3 mods lightsource yrden

Image promotional image for Nexus Mods

“Really simple mod, it adds lightsources to the default yrden runes. It also edits slightly the griffin set yrden effect, by adding a lightsource and making the “energy circle” more evident. Nothing else really.”

Friendly Stash

the witcher mod from nexus friendly stash

Promotional image from Nexus Mods

“The mod makes stash management a little less painful: you can configure stash access the way you want and enable using of ingredients in stash for alchemy and crafting. You can also use Roach as a stash.”

Witcher 3 Hearts of Stone

The warmest, most “human” side of Geralt of Rivia, is revealed in the Hearts of Stone DLC. This quest is 10-15 hours of the Witcher creators and coders doing everything right. It’s definitely one of the best aspects of this game, and worth it for every player. Though it is shorter than the Blood and Wine DLC, no Witcher players game is complete without this game.

Listing of side quests in the Hearts of Stone DLC

Evils Soft First Touches Walkthrough:

The video above is the first of a series covering all 23 of the quests in the Hearts of Stone DLC for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Witcher 3 Blood and Wine

This DLC offers a truly vast number of quests, and an impressive number of sidequests as well. Below is the listing of all of the main quests with links to walkthroughs. This quest finds lives hanging in the balance, and there are 3 possible endings, which we won’t spoil here.

Main Storyline Quest

At this point, the story branches out, there are two lines:

Beyond Hill and Dale line:

What Lies Unseen line:

At this point, you will reach the end of Blood and Wine, and will see one of three endings. Simply put, you have three options: Tragedy, Happily Ever After, or, Whoops. If you click the link on the word “spoilers,” you will learn all about those three options (SPOILERS). Seeing this ending sparks one more quest, to wrap up the Blood and Wine storyline.

Blood and Wine wrap-up quest:

Though the side quests not ended by events in the main quest are still open, viewing the ending scene triggers a wrap-up quest:

  • Be It Ever So Humble

Blood and Wine secondary quests:

The rest of the quests in Blood and Wine are secondary quests, of course. There is a complete guide for them, including Wine Wars side quests and Witcher contracts, here. There are video walkthrough

  • Knight for Hire
  • There Can Be Only One
  • No Place Like Home
  • Turn and Face The Strange
  • The Warble of a Smitten Knight
  • Paperchase
  • Fists of Fury: Toussaint
  • Raging Wolf
  • Til Death Do You Part
  • Goodness Gracious Great Balls of Granite
  • Father Knows Worst
  • Big Feet to Fill
  • Master, Master, Master, Master
  • Extreme Cosplay
  • A Knight’s Tales
  • The Hunger Game
  • Mutual of Beauclair’s Wild Kingdom
  • Equine Phantoms
  • The Perks of Being a Jailbird

Envoys, Wine Boys, the first of 50 quests in the Blood and Wine walkthrough:

Witcher 3 Witcher Gear, All the Sets, All the Upgrade Forms

In the Witcher, gear matters. Your armor and weapons together create gear sets that change your abilities, as in most RPGs. Of course, since most open map RPGs, from Skyrim to Fallout are trying to live up to the Witcher’s legacy – it makes sense.

Though it is not just the gear sets, but the upgrades to each gear set, that make them a bit complex. For each gear set there are four levels: Basic, Enhanced, Superior, and Mastercrafted. When it comes to the best gear for you, the answer is pretty simple: use the highest level you qualify for. If you qualify for Mastercrafted gear, say as a level 31 Witcher, choose the gear set that best suits your play style and make it Mastercrafted.

A side note on swords, there are some that will offer you impressive damage. However, unless you are also taking runestone slots into account, you may be hurting yourself. The lower damage on a sword can really be moot when you factor in three runestone slots: though you have less initial damage. If you load a weapon up with say, armor piercing, or setting your foes on fire, or making them bleed, it adds up to something formidable.

So, in general, you aren’t going to find that perfect, best gear set for everyone. What you will find is the best weapon and gear configuration for you and your play style.

Below is a little information on each Witcher Gear set:

Starting Witcher Gear.

Though some rumors persist that you need this starting set of gear to craft something later on, it appears you don’t. You can achieve all the gear sets listed here without them. So, then it comes down to “do I need to keep my starting Wicher gear” we can’t find a single reason that you should.

Serpentine Witcher Gear:

Though this really isn’t a gear set, we will include it in the list. These two swords, steel, and silver, are found in the Side QuestScavenger Hunt: Viper School Gear.

Griffin Witcher Gear

Intense signs, thy name is Griffing Wticher Gear. Make sure you customize your character to support your sign heavy play style. The Griffin set will make your signs about

Feline Witcher Gear

US Gamer listed both Feline and Ursine Witcher gear among the best. Feline doesn’t give you the protecting of Ursine, but it’s ability to recover stamina more quickly balances that out. Though less intense than in Griffin school gear, you can use your signs more often. As US Gamer put it, “Rather than rely on Geralt being able to take a lot of punishment, this gear is suited for people who prefer to dodge and roll out of the way when their enemy attacks.

Ursine Witcher Gear.

This is the final set of gear that you will get in the main quest of the Witcher. It is all about taking damage, huge amounts of damage, and persevering. This gear set takes a licking, and you keep on ticking. But, should you choose this set over Feline, you will lose out on that stamina regeneration. That means less signs than you were used to using in the Feline gear, but don’t forget to use your alchemy to tip the scales here. Use oils on your sword to cause more damage, toss bombs, and get medieval with it. But, seriously, if your play style is sign heavy, this gear may not be for you.

The Witcher DLC Gear Sets (Shown in the Second Video below):

Wolven Witcher Gear.
Viper Witcher Gear.
Manticore Witcher Gear.

Complete gear sets, the looks, stats and levels:

This video features all three gear sets from the main storyline of the game. That is the Griffin School, Feline and Ursine gear sets.

Here are the all the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt gear sets including the DLCs (Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine):

The Witcher 3:Wild Hunt is a Classic, is The Witcher 4 on the Way?

WARNING: major spoiler alert for Witcher 3 if you click this link!
However, we aren’t going to do that to you.

Even though it is very likely that, after all these years, you know the ending of this game, we’re going with a no-spoilers stance. The ending of Wild Hunt left us in the lurch about whether CD Projekt Red was ending the Witcher series with Wild Hunt. However, we are happy to report that they confirmed that Witcher 4 is in the works. CD Projekt Red has made it clear though, thy won’t be “franchising” the Witcher until it’s basically worth nothing. They’ve opted instead to stay true to the varied and nuanced storytelling that Witcher players have come to expect.

Which is good, since they’ve spent a decade perfecting the world of The Witcher and the immense universe has a lot more tales to tell. Plus, it must be a lot of fun to create these awesome games.

Featured image: Triss, Geralt and Yennefer Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported, by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe,