When the lights went out in the movie theater and the first showing of Star Wars began, it was an instant hit. Star Wars crosses every boundary and appeals to all walks of life. It’s a cult classic; a sci-fi icon; a nerdlore magnet that will never die, no matter how many Jar-Jars they toss at us. It’s only fitting that a Star Wars wedding would be common enough now that you can actually surf the web for ideas.

And why not? Flowing gowns and intricate costumes; an entire day of alternate reality that your family, friends, and future spouse will cherish forever. A Star Wars wedding is a dream come true for many generations of Americans

Star Wars Wedding Ideas

When it comes to Star Wars ideas, you have just as many themes to choose from as there are stars in the galaxy. You can include as much, or as little, of your fandom into your wedding as you desire. The sky is the limit for Star Wars themed wedding ideas.

There are a variety of ways to incorporate the Star Wars theme in large or small doses. That’s true in every stage of the wedding from the pre-wedding festivities through the reception.

Before the Wedding

Incorporating your Star Wars wedding theme can start long before the actual wedding. Key elements you can include Star Wars into are your engagement photos and save the date announcements.

Star Wars Engagement Photos

One of the first things many couples look forward to right after their engagement is booking their engagement photos. Engagement photos as a way to announce to the world that you are now an engaged couple but are also a way to help showcase your personalities and uniqueness to your family and friends.

Star Wars engagement photos are a ton of fun for both the couple and the photographer. Costuming choices are endless, and this is a great excuse to learn more about cosplay if you are not already cosplayers. Also, consider the type of environment that will complement your theme choices.

Seattle based photographer Jason Comerford shot an incredible engagement session featuring the couple as Jedi, complete with lightsabers. The shoot took place in an abandoned artillery fort, with some great backgrounds for the couple to pose against with their lightsabers to illuminate the shots.

The Bridal Guide featured a spread with a couple posing as the ultimate in star-crossed lovers: a Sith Lord and a Jedi Knight. Shot by Michael James photography in the Santa Cruz mountains in California, the shoot has a dynamic feel to it, with scenes worthy of an epic battle between a Zabrak Sith and a human Jedi. There are also some more traditional engagement poses, with the couple cuddling together in the serene forest.

Star Wars Save the Date Cards

Save the date cards are great ways to let people know that you are engaged and that you will be inviting them to the wedding, as well as the date to expect. Star Wars wedding invitations, or a Star Wars wedding card, are a great way to do this. Star Wars themed wedding invitations also tell guests what to expect at your ceremony.

Wedding Party Ideas

The couple’s attendants during a wedding are commonly called “groomsmen” or “bridesmaids.” If you want to break out of that mold, there a variety of Star Wars themed ways to do this.

There are lots of fun ways to name your wedding party without having to rely on the traditional gender-assigned names and roles. For example, you can call one partner’s side the “Light Side” while the other is the “Dark Side.” Another idea is “Imperial Officers” versus the “Rebel Alliance.” You can also call your attendants the “Jedi Council” versus the “Sith Academy.”

Pick a Side

It is common to pick or assign a “side” to the engaged couple. That is useful for seating arrangements at the ceremony or the reception.

Similar to the wedding party, you can divide guests up by assigning “Light Side” or “Dark Side” to friends and family more closely associated with one partner.

Wedding Ceremony Ideas and Star Wars Wedding Gifts

There are a million ways to help bring some Star Wars into your wedding ceremony. These can be very overt touches that include costuming and elaborate makeup or smaller touches such as little flourishes in your decor ideas.

Darth Vader and Stormtroopers

Darth Vader is the most recognizable Star Wars character and having him make an appearance in a wedding is sure to be a show-stopping event. Aside from having Darth Vader as part of the wedding party (or maybe even a family member), a fun, unconventional way to include Vader at the wedding is as your officiant.

Just as recognizable are Darth Vader are the stormtroopers. While stormtroopers can make great wedding party attendants, some more fun ideas include using them as ushers at the wedding or servers at the reception.

If you are really into your Star Wars wedding theme, you might even consider asking guests to bring Star Wars-themed wedding gifts.

Wedding Dress and Tuxedo

One of the most obvious ways to incorporate Star Wars into your big day is to have a Star Wars wedding dress and formal wear. While tuxedos are more set in how they will look, you can draw a lot of inspiration for your wedding day attire from the Star Wars movies and other media.

Drawing Inspiration from Star Wars Couples

Having trouble figuring out where to start with your Star Wars wedding theme? Why not take a look at your favorite Star Wars couple? The most iconic Star Wars couple is, of course, Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala. The love between Anakin and Padme was as tragic as it was romantic. However, their gorgeous wedding creates a beautiful setting.

Of course, Anakin and Padme are not the only canon couple in the Star Wars movies. While Luke Skywalker was off learning the ways of the Force, Princess Leia and Han Solo are another iconic couple for Star Wars fans to idolize.

For fans of the canon Star Wars animated cartoon series, there are lesser known couples to draw inspiration from. Obi-Wan Kenobi and Duchess Satine Kryze were somewhat of a couple during The Clone Wars cartoon. Duchess Satine was always resplendent in robes befitting her royal stature, while Obi-Wan usually wears Jedi robes or armor.

Fans of Star Wars Rebels can look towards Twilek freedom fighter Hera Syndulla and former Jedi Kanan Jarrus for inspiration. As part of the rebels who are fighting against the Empire, Hera and Kana have a decidedly less formal look than other Star Wars couples. However, for those looking for a casual look for their wedding, this may be the couple to check out.

Padme Amidala Wedding Dress

Throughout the prequels, Padme Amidala wears an incredible array of costumes that can provide a bride with a variety of different gown ideas. Splinter News has a great compilation of some of Padme Amidala’s best outfits for inspiration.

Padme’s breathtaking wedding gown from Attack of the Clones is possibly the most natural wedding choice. The long, flowing robe was resplendent with pearls and lace, with a matching head covering. It is a classic, timeless look that is unique yet does not overtly say “Star Wars.” It’s pretty much the go-to Star Wars themed wedding dress.

Another possible Padme Amidala wedding dress idea is the multicolored gown she wore earlier in the movie, during some quiet moments with Anakin. It is another long, flowing gown with a light, gossamer feel, perfect for a late spring or early summer wedding.

The geisha-inspired look that Padme wore during her visit to Coruscant in The Phantom Menace is unique and theatrical. This intricate look involves a kimono, beaded headdress, and heavy makeup.

Princess Leia Wedding Dress

Princess Leia’s iconic attire from the movies makes for excellent wedding dress inspiration. Websites Rebels Haven and Gunaxin have great shots of all of Princess Leia’s outfits throughout the original trilogy that can get you started.

Leia’s flowing, white robe dress from A New Hope features a high neck and flowing sleeves with a loose fit. Another choice is Leia’s gown from the award ceremony at the end of A New Hope. The traditional square neckline is a great way to showcase a beautiful necklace, much the same way Leia did.

While the idea of a Princess Leia wedding dress may more readily conjure to mind the younger Leia’s outfits, do not overlook General Leia. General Leia Organa in The Last Jedi had an incredible, regal bearing in every scene that she was in. It’s no wonder since the costume designers had looked to England’s Queen Elizabeth when designing her wardrobe.

General Leia’s costume consists of luxurious fabrics with a cape-like coat covering all. You can adapt the cut of her dress and cape in The Last Jedi for a winter wedding.

More Star Wars Wedding Dress Inspiration

The latest installment of the Star Wars movies, The Last Jedi, brings a lot of further dress inspiration for Star Wars fans who are looking for something new and different. For example, Canto Blight is a casino filled with gangsters and dignitaries of all species. They all dressed to the nines as they gamed. Outfits from background characters offer a variety of inspirations for a bride who wants a truly unique gown look.

Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo brought a decisive yet sophisticated presence to the bridge in The Last Jedi — along with a stunning wardrobe. Her floor-length gown makes for a breathtaking wedding gown. Searching for a Star Wars wedding hashtag on social media might give you some great ideas, too.

Wedding Decorations

You can spread unique Star Wars wedding decorations throughout your wedding and reception. For a subtle touch, use a Star Wars inspired font in printed material like your programs, seating arrangements, and signage. You can DIY this by downloading a Star Wars font, or work with a designer on a platform like Etsy or Fiverr.

In their Star Wars idealist, Bridal Guide features a unique, custom aisle runner from I Do Aisle Runners that displays the couple’s love story in the same iconic “crawl” featured in all of the Star Wars movies. To take it a step further, think of some Star Wars wedding favors to include for your guests.

Wedding Vows

Ideally, wedding vows are unique to each couple. If you are having a religious wedding, it may be a good idea to check with your officiant first. Not all religious weddings may allow custom Star Wars wedding vows.

But once you get the okay, the galaxy is the limit! You can draw inspiration from so many different parts of the series. Try incorporating some of your favorite Star Wars wedding quotes from the movies, or perhaps some Jedi wisdom into your vows. Another idea is to rework the Jedi and Sith Codes into something more suitable for you and your future spouse.

The exchange between Leia and Han during The Empire Strikes Back that is fitting for any Star Wars wedding:

Leia: “I love you.”

Han: “I know.”

A Star Wars themed wedding speech is also an option!

Wedding Menu

While Star Wars food isn’t on a lot of famous menus, it is always fun. Here are a few ways to smuggle some fun Star Wars themed food and drink into your reception.

Star Wars Drinks

Cantinas in Star Wars are known for having drinks and music. (Cantinas are also known as gathering places for scruffy nerf herders and gangsters with blasters. You may want to skip that part.) If you have a bar at your wedding reception, call it the Cantina. Another idea is to rename “Cocktail Hour” to “Cantina Hour.”

You can serve a variety of Star Wars themed drinks during your Cantina Hour. The Daily Dot and Liquor.com have a bunch of Star Wars inspired drinks to pick and choose from. You can even use Star Wars ceremony music — there are plenty of mood-appropriate songs to pick from.

Star Wars Food

Work with your caterer to create Star Wars themed food for your reception. There is no need to come up with entirely new dishes. You can call standard wedding fare such as beef or chicken after creatures in the Star Wars galaxy. For example, if you are serving plated beef tenderloin, call it “Nerf Tenderloin” or roasted chicken could be “Roasted Gorak” or maybe “Roasted Porg” if you’re evil.

Another place to easily include Star Wars themed food into your reception is at the dessert tables. For any younglings attending the wedding, have cookies and blue milk on hand for them to enjoy. Label your dessert table with “light side” and “dark side” desserts to help guest choose between healthier and decadent options.

Star Wars Wedding Cake

The wedding cake is a great place to show off your Star Wars wedding theme. Different Weddings featured their top 10 Star Wars themed cakes that included some very imaginative ways to add the Star Wars galaxy in a couple’s special day.

Peekaboo cakes are an excellent way to compromise between traditional and themed decoration. Another good option to explore is decorating with cake toppers. These adorable Star Wars bride and groom wedding cake toppers from Jessichu are cute and customizable. You can mix and match characters to represent you and your honey best.

Picking the Right Wedding for You

Putting together your own Star Wars wedding may seem like a lot of work. However, all the personal touches that you can choose to make your Star Wars wedding unique will be worth it. Your guests won’t ever forget the day the dance floor looked like the famous bar scene on Tatooine.

Featured Image: CC by 2.0, by Timothy Tolle, via Flickr