After years of working in special effects, and a couple of other toy companies, Jerry Macaluso started Pop Culture Shock Collectibles in 2008. We’ll take a look at some of his rarest pop culture shock collectibles.

Like his previous work in the toy and collectible industry, Macaluso’s Pop Culture Shock Collectibles focused on creating toys that replicate popular characters from popular video games and cartoons such as Mortal Kombat, Rambo, Conan the Barbarian, Batman, Sons of Anarchy, The Power Rangers and others.

The toys available range in size from action figures to full-sized busts of the different characters in various poses. Prices vary quite a bit as well from $50.00 to $2,725.00 in their online store.

Focusing on Limits

Pop Culture Shock Collectibles’ website boasts that “Every PCS piece you bring into your home represents thousands of hours of planning and craftsmanship from our expert team of dedicated artisans.”

The level of detail put into each piece shows, which explains why these items are so pricey. They do set the gold standard for collectibles. However, there is another reason why their figures are so highly sought after. Pop Culture Shock Collectibles makes a commitment to keep edition sizes for their products low to increase the value of the piece for individual collectors.

As a result of low production runs, there are some pieces from the collection that are considered rarer than others. They may not be the priciest pieces, but they are some of the hardest collectibles to find. Below are three of the rarest toys from PCS collectibles.

Sub-Zero from the Mortal Kombat Klassic Series

If you take a look at the Sub-Zero figures available on the PCS collectibles website you will see sets limited to 275 pieces and 475 pieces. These are standard. However, the Mortal Kombat Klassic Series only produced 200 of each character.

Created in 2012, this quarter scale statue stands at 19 inches tall. Currently, eBay has one listed with a buy it now price of $584.99 that is number 82 out of the 200 produced.

Sub-Zero has the distinction of appearing in every main Mortal Kombat game, and his is the only one to do so. Upon his death in the first game, his brother assumed his role as Sub-Zero. Known for his ability to control ice in different forms he is the main rival of Scorpion, an undead specter that Sub-Zero had previously killed. Scorpion exacts his revenge on Sub-Zero by taking his life in return.

Scorpion form the Mortal Kombat Klassic Series

Just like the game, the battle for the rarest toys from Pop Culture Shock Collectibles features these two rivals. Like Sub-Zero, the Scorpion figure is a quarter scale statue standing at 19 inches in height. With only 200 of these made in this series, this too is an extremely rare piece from a company known for limited edition runs.

You can find one of these on eBay selling for $629.00. The figure comes complete with three switch out heads and four interchangeable arms. The certificate of authenticity for this particular statue lists it as #131 out of the 200 produced.

Scorpion, like his rival Sub-Zero, is a member of one of the Japanese ninja clans. After killing Sub-Zero at the end of the first video game, he is surprised to see his nemesis return in the sequel. When Sub-Zero spares the life of one of his opponents, Scorpion realizes that it is not the original Sub-Zero. Taking the place of his old foe is his younger brother. To atone for killing Sub-Zero, Scorpion acts as the guardian of the younger brother who takes his place.

Mortal Kombat Klassic Raiden

Another quarter scale statue from the Mortal Kombat series tops out the three rarest toys from Pop Culture Shock Collectibles. This one features the ever-popular Raiden, one of the original seven playable characters from the series.

Listed on eBay for $500.00, this statue stands at 19 inches and includes the warrior’s signature blue electrical energy around his raised fist. Even less common than the others in this series, the Raiden figure only saw a run of 100 made.

Raiden’s story, based on the Japanese thunder god Raijin, serves as the thunder god in the story and the protector of the Earth. He is invited to take part in the tournament in Mortal Kombat and takes on a human form to do so. In the fourth installment, Raiden returns to his true state to destroy the Deadly Alliance and save the world. Appearing in all the games in the series as a playable character except Mortal Kombat III, his is among the most popular of all characters.

Call them toys, action figures or statues if you want however many collectors see the Pop Culture Shock collectibles as art work. So much detail goes into each piece that you can see the quality immediately upon looking at one.

Those who are familiar with PSC’s work know all too well that if you come across one of these rare finds you should snatch it up if you can. It is hard enough to buy some of the more popular items directly from the website, and when it comes to the rarer items, it can be next to impossible to find one that another collector is willing to part with.