Marvel Legend action figures are here, and there’s one character in particular who’s highly sought after in this collection.

Who here has been a fan of the Marvel universe for as long as they can remember? Fans of the Marvel Legends series has grown up reading Marvel comics, as well as watching the cartoons on television. Now we’re collecting the action figures. We all have our favorite superheroes. Stan Lee created a universe that everyone could fall in love with. A universe where his characters brought us entertainment throughout the ages. Now, with the Marvel universe bigger than ever, we are going to take a look at Marvel legends, some cool action figures, and a couple of our favorite superheroes and villains.

Marvel Legends: Who’s the Best?

Who’s your favorite Marvel character? Especially now, with all the movies out? A lot of people go with Captain America. Others Iron Man. Yet, who is the most popular today? Deadpool. For most, it started with the comic books. Deadpool has always appealed to fans because of his witty banter with other characters, and his ability to actually take care of business while not caring. (Or so he wants you to think.) Whether you’re a fan of his off the wall antics, or how Deadpool has come to life on the big screen, we can all agree this Marvel Legend action figure is going to be amazing!

Marvel Action Figure: Deadpool

With 2018 fast approaching there has been rumors of new Marvel action figures coming out sooner than expected. There are some pretty cool Marvel action figures coming out with characters from the new movie Deadpool 2. If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s a sneak peak of what to expect from the newest movie. Let’s take a look at some of the Marvel action figures that have been released!

San-Diego Comic-Con 2017 revealed some new versions of Deadpool: Symbiote Deadpool and Weapon-X Deadpool. These Marvel action figures look pretty cool!

Deadpool: Back in Black

Marvel Promotional image via Amazon

GameStop stores have these in stock, $22.99 plus S/H. Deadpool Back in Black Marvel action figure comes with an alternate head and lightsaber, as well as interchangeable hands. The attention to detail on this Marvel Legend action figure is amazing! If you’re into collecting Marvel Legends figures, this is one you shouldn’t pass up.

Available on Amazon, Prime Eligible, for $38.97.

Deadpool: Agent of Weapon X

Promotional image via eBay

Image: Agent of Weapon X via eBay

For the past month, the Marvel Legends Weapon X Deadpool has been spotted in several GameStops across the country. If you’ve found that they’ve been sold out online, or couldn’t get your hands on one at the San-Diego Comic-Con, look for it at your local GameStop. This Marvel Legends Deadpool figure comes with a cool paint job, interchangeable head and hands, plus his sword and as usual, guns. Yet, who can forget the burrito!

Marvel Action Figure: Wolverine

Another big name in the Marvel Legends universe is Wolverine. Wolverine has been one of the most popular characters throughout the ages. From his adamantium claws, to his no-nonsense attitude, who wouldn’t love this X-Man? Since the start of the comics, Logan has been a fan favorite. With rumors of a new appearance in the upcoming Deadpool movie, a new Marvel Legend Wolverine action figure has come out. And what do you know, he’s been dressed in his classic X-Men suit!

Image: Marvel Legends Wolverine promotional image

The tiger stripe costume is one of the most recognizable looks for Logan.  This 12” Marvel Legends Wolverine action figure comes with three interchangeable heads, two sets of hands, an empty Wolverine mask, as well as regular and battle damaged shoulder pads. As you can see, this Marvel action figure should grace the shelf for any fan who collects the Marvel Legends figures.

A Sneak Peak at the 2018 Marvel Legend Collectables

At the NYCC 2017, prototypes of the upcoming 2018 Marvel Legends Collectables were released to the public! These included The Avengers, Spiderman, Deadpool, Wolverine and more. With the release of the Black Panther trailer, there was a pretty slick Marvel Legends figure at the Con.

Image: Black Panther via Amazon, $39.95

From the photo above, it looks like this Marvel action figure is going to come with interchangeable heads (full face as well as masked), and what looks like interchangeable hands. You can see the sculpting job got a makeover from the 2016 Marvel action figure, as well as the full-faced head got an upgrade. Unfortunately, this action figure won’t be released till 2018. The wait is unbearable!

Thor: Ragnarok

Been to the movies lately? Of course, you have! If so, then it’s possible you’ve seen Thor: Ragnarok. It had a good mix of humor and action. Not to mention, The Hulk had a speaking part! It comes as no surprise that the Marvel action figures for the new movie are amazing. There are six figures to collect, which give you pieces of The Hulk to build. Once all the figures are collected of course!

Image: Thor via, $19.97

This 6” Marvel action figure comes with a removable helmet, a Hulk head, a helmet for the Build-a-Hulk action figure, as well as two swords that fit to the hands. The sculpting and paint job on this action figure is really good! From the realistic looking face, to the way his cape seems to have movement, this Thor is perfected for any fan collecting Marvel Legends figures.

Image: Planet Hulk Action Figure via, $29.95

Marvel Legends have been with us since our childhood, and on into adulthood. These Marvel action figures come in quality materials and are perfect for collecting. For as long as our minds can remember, we have been enamored by the comics, and now the Marvel universe movies. We’ve taken a step back in time looking at Deadpool, Wolverine, and a world we can get lost in. The new Marvel Legends series is coming up with new action figures for us to collect. What is Marvel Legends character is your favorite?

Featured image: Promotional image from Marvel Legends