With the release of the long-anticipated Captain Marvel movie that’s expected to feature in 2019, if you’re not a fan of the comics, you may wonder what exactly puts Captain Marvel in the spotlight.

We got a glimpse of what’s to come when Nick Fury’s last act managed to contact a starburst sigil with red and blue lines, those who aren’t familiar with the sign may have missed one of the essential teasers of the new Captain Marvel movie. Why were his last thoughts before turning into dust to contact her?

Nick Fury’s trust isn’t misplaced there are some reasons why her abilities make her one of the strongest Marvel heroes to date. In this article, we’ll take a look at those reasons, including what circumstances caused her to get to this point.

Who Is Captain Marvel?

carol danvers as captain marvel

Carol Danvers, or who we know better as Captain Marvel, was an officer of the United States Airforce when she was tragically involved in an explosion which left her suffering from severe wounds. The blast was the result of a Kree ( an alien race)  weapon, in which Captain Mar-vell – A Kree hero – saves her life.

She becomes Captain Mar-vells apprentice after it becomes apparent that the explosion she was involved in managed to infuse her genetic code with Kree abilities. As a result, she became a Human-Kree hybrid that enabled her to utilize powers she never before had.  When she resurfaced in 1977, she became Ms. Marvel and made regular appearances with the Avengers.

Her first appearance came in 1968, and since that point, her story has evolved and intertwined with several different characters that we know and love today. She was the main plot point in the X-men comics in the 90s, where she became known as her next moniker, Binary. 

Later on, she took on the name WarBird when she rejoined the Avengers in the 2000s in an effort against the Kang Dynasty plot where she takes on and defeats the Master and ultimately brings a final victory over Kang. 

Over time, and much story development in the years since, Carol Danvers assumes the title Captain Marvel in respect for her old mentor and as a way to start a new chapter in her life.

Notable Abilities of Captain Marvel

notable captain marvel powers

Energy Manipulation

  • Flying
  • Regeneration
  • Agility
  • Speed
  • Resilience

While her abilities don’t stop there, she does go through several different cycles throughout her career as a superhero that changes how she utilizes this ability.

Captain Marvel is most famous for hurling projectiles like fire and electricity from her hands to attack her opponents with, and she even absorbed a Superhero who could transform into electromagnetic energy to take out a bad guy.


Binary isn’t just an incarnation of Captain Marvel which we’ve seen featured in the X-men comics. Binary is also an ability, which gives Captain Marvel the ability to turn into a Super Saiyan. As Binary, she linked to a white hole which allowed her to draw upon as much energy from it as she needed.

This kind of power allowed her to produce the energy of a star and with that power, she had limitless potential to do what she needed to do to save people.

Her abilities ranged but were a result from a race known as the Brood kidnapping her and enhancing her Kree genetics to turn her into the most powerful version of herself that she could achieve. Binary could manipulate energy, generate it and even absorb it back into herself.

These abilities made her energy consumption virtually limitless. She was able to take part in other skills such as:

  • Gravity control
  • Inability to grow tired
  • Accelerated agility

While she does eventually lose her Binary abilities in a battle with X-men’s Rogue, she learns to recover and grow beyond Binary’s limits later on in her story.


One ability that Captain Marvel took full advantage of was her ability to fly. While her ability to fly technically comes from her ability to manipulate energy, her extensive knowledge of aviation thanks to her military career serving in the Airforce gave her an edge on her flying technique that rivaled Tony Stark’s.

She frequently managed to reach Mach 3, and her reflexes enabled her to turn on a dime at any point during her flight. While she was theoretically supposed to inherit all of Captain Mar-Vells abilities, many people speculated that she could technically teleport and use mind control techniques.

However, knowing if this is an ability she possesses has not shown up in any of the comics despite fan theories and speculation. Instead, she’ll have to make do with Mach 3 speeds and mad reflex skills to make up for it.

Cosmic Awareness

Captain Marvel can draw upon what’s known as a “seventh sense” which is an ability that allows her to understand that a threat is there before they become revealed. While this is reminiscent of Spider-Man’s “spidey senses,” her abilities extend much farther than just an immediate threat in the vicinity.

Initially, while she was fighting with the aspect of a split-personality, this awareness allowed her to transform into Ms. Marvel and provide help to those who needed it, even if that happened to be herself. Over time, she learned to use this power at the spur of a moment, detecting an enemy’s move which enabled her to react faster and even counter.

Mar-Vell, on the other hand, was capable of knowing everything he needed to know in a given situation thanks to his connection to Eon, a cosmic entity that he paired with to fight Thanos. While this isn’t a direct ability from Kree genetics, because Carol inherited his skills, she was able to retain some of what Mar-Vell could sense.

Space Survival

As Binary, Captain Marvel was able to use energy manipulation in a way that prevented the vacuum of space from affecting her which aided her in joining the Starjammers. After Binary’s abilities were stripped from her, she still manages to survive in outer space, but she needs a tank of oxygen to survive.

Even Captain Mar-Vell had to have some assistance in resisting space, using the Kree Nega-bands to survive as long as he needed in space while he traveled.

Super-Human Durability And Strength

Along with great reflexes, Captain Marvel isn’t capable of being affected by bullets nor are most people able to harm her. While she’s capable of taking on anything in the physical sense, her mind is another story altogether.

Unfortunately, if her opponent is a villain that can use mind control or can possess her, she is unable to resist the effects and becomes a dangerous problem for her allies. Her mind control problems started with one of her earlier bad guys, where she was brainwashed and forced to live with Marcus, the son of Immortus, who is a prominent foe in the Avengers storyline.

The same was true for her possession by The Shadow King, where her abilities were used to try and murder her friends and comrades.

Disease Resilience

Captain Marvel and most of the Kree race do not fall subject to disease and sickness thanks to their regeneration properties, but unfortunately, her resilience only goes so far. When Carol underwent alcoholism, she abused the substance so much that she eventually endured alcohol poisoning.

Captain Mar-Vell had his run-ins with diseases as well. Despite being the hero of the Kree people that resists many conditions, he developed aggressive lung cancer. He slowed its progress as much as he could, but eventually, he succumbed to his fight to it and effectively passed away.

Carol even fights with a brain lesion that developed over time which means she’s not immune to everything that can go wrong in a body.


The one ability that seems to set Captain Marvel apart from the rest of the heroes in the Marvel universe is the fact that she can regenerate at insane levels. Her energy manipulation allows her to redistribute the energy she needs into her wounds and other serious injuries. While that doesn’t seem like such a unique quality in heroes, her ability of regeneration doesn’t stop there.

Several times throughout her appearances in the comics, she had sacrificed herself multiple times, been subjected to an assassination, disappeared from power overloads, and even split into four different energies before her body reconstituted itself. Directly speaking, Captain Marvel is nearly impossible to destroy entirely.