The announcement, no more than five years ago, in August 2013 that Batman Ben Affleck would be playing Batman’s role in Batman vs. Superman shocked fans and led to a significant amount of very vocal reactions on the internet.

Mostly fanboys and fangirls cried out that they would never want to see Affleck, someone they didn’t deem good enough, as the portrayal for such an iconic character.

The outrage was unrelenting, going as far as making a petition for the White House to remove Affleck from the role and cast someone else. (The petition has since been removed, probably after White House staff deemed in unnecessary for government involvement.)

Though hundreds of millions of people watch the Batman movies all over the world, tens of thousands of superfans went nuts online to criticize Affleck’s casting as the next Batman as the worst casting they have seen in their lives.

Were the critics right? 

Here Are 12 Thoughts We All Had When We Saw Batman Ben Affleck

1. His Acting Career Doesn’t Make Him Right For The Role

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Affleck is known for his first role in Good Will Hunting which he wrote alongside Matt Damon. Although no one can doubt the success of the film, the Affleck in Good Will Hunting is nowhere close to the dark, mysterious character needed to play Batman.

Over the years, many actors have been given the benefit of the doubt in their superhero portrays such as Chris Evans as Captain America and Ryan Reynolds as the Green Lantern.

However, fans couldn’t look past Affleck’s underwhelming portrayal of Daredevil as a representation of how Batman would turn out.

With such an up and down career, fans weren’t willing to take a chance on the fact Affleck might pull through, while it was also very likely he might let them down.

2. He isn’t as good as Christian Bale

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Christian Bale’s Batman role in The Dark Knight grew wildly popular with fans.

Bale’s face is already that of a disturbed man like Bruce Wayne would have appeared in real life. His acting career also gave him a great advantage for his portrayal of Batman.

Affleck has to try a lot harder to attain the same level of darkness that Bale portrayed so effortlessly. His widely known persona gives Affleck the sense of being more of a soft family man than it does a mysterious superhero.

3. When Will We See a Solo Ben Affleck Batman Film?

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Is Batman Ben Affleck now going to be the future face of Batman? Affleck appeared in Justice Leauge and Batman vs. Superman and left fans worried he might be the one playing Batman in a solo film.

In June 2018 we found out this is unlikely to be the case as the Batman reboot will focus on a younger Batman during the earlier stages of his career.

To the likings of many, it seems we don’t have to worry about enduring a solo Batman film starring Ben Affleck.

4. Jake Gyllenhaal Would Have Made a Better Choice

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Perhaps more than any actor, Jake Gyllenhaal was rumored to be taking over the role of The Dark Knight and most agreed it would be a great choice.

Though fans weren’t big on Gyllenhaal’s proven record to become lost in roles, they were willing to give him more of a chance than Affleck and see his figure, personality, and acting career as a more successful fit for the portrayal than Batman Ben Affleck.

5. Twitter Handled the Issue Best

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After Affleck was announced as Batman, negative fan reactions were heard loud and clear all across the internet.

Twitter especially had its hand in producing negative feedback of the casting choice with users developing the hashtag #BetterBatmanThanBenAffleck.

Superfans upset by the casting suggested any solution other than Affleck for the role. One user posted a cat wearing a Batman hat as an alternative, and another suggested “the drunken hobo that lives under the overpass” would be a better choice.

Other suggestions included the pope, the guy working at 7/11 and Fez from That ‘70s Show.

Fans definitely weren’t happy with the casting choice and thought just about anybody could do the job better than Affleck. The hashtag from outraged fans supplied hilarious and questionable casting suggestions.

6. The World Has Not Forgotten Gigli

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Although by this time Affleck had many critically acclaimed films both as an actor and a director, we still can’t see past some big sore spots in his career.

Particularly standing out is his involvement in Gigli which has been deemed as one of the worst films ever made. If Batman were going to follow in Gigli’s footsteps, it would be one of the biggest box office flops of all time.

No matter how much time passes, it seems that Affleck will never be able to fully redeem himself from and the bomb will follow him around for the rest of his career.

Sadly for Affleck, it wasn’t just Gigli that no one forgot about. His less than satisfactory superhero portrayal in Daredevil made fans extremely skeptical he would do well as Batman.

Twitter uses joked about a sequel “Batman vs. Daredevil,” starring all Affleck, all the time!

7. This Pairing Only Makes Sense if Matt Demon plays Robin

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Since Good Will Hunting, no one doubted that Ben Affleck and Matt Damon were a force to be reckoned with.

Fans joked that the only way this movie was going to be a success was if somehow Matt Damon was also cast as Robin, then it would be a movie we could all get excited about.

8. He Would Have Been a Better Director Than an Actor

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Affleck has a proven track record as a successful director and even an Oscar to prove it. Fans thought that instead of casting him as the face of Batman, it would have been a good move to have him direct it instead.

With an actor that is at the end of his career and a DCEU that is dripping with future ambitions, fans are worried how Affleck is going to find his way through it. Instead, his best work could be done behind the scenes.

9. The Boston Accent Doesn’t Fit Well in Gotham City

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“How you like dem apples, Raddl-ah?” Fans couldn’t imagine what Affleck’s classic Boston accent was going to do to the character.

The character of Bruce Wayne has been played by many different accents throughout the years, but a Boston accent was taking it too far.

A petition was even launched by fans demanding that Ben Affleck was to be removed as Batman for possessing skills that weren’t “even close enough to being believable as Bruce Wayne.”

The petition also mentioned Affleck wasn’t “intimidating enough” to make villains actually fear to be around him.

10. Affleck Can’t Physically Embody Batman

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It’s true that Batman is a big guy. He needs to be in order to fight crime and defend himself. But does Batman really have such a beer belly?

There were plenty of body shamers that expressed concern that Affleck wasn’t physically right for the role. He wasn’t exactly in shape and definitely had a gut on him.

Lucky for Affleck his towering 6-foot-4-inch frame helped him in this regard. Unfortunately, though he may have spent a lot of time training for this role, he ended up with an appearance that didn’t pay off as much as fans would have hoped.

11. The Actor will Ruin Batman’s Movie Legacy

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With all the success behind the comic, superfans worried that Affleck would ruin the legacy of Batman.

Thousands of internet users used their collective voice to say that everything Affleck touches ultimately sucks. His writing, his acting, his producing...they didn’t want him to poison the beloved comic series.

Yet with all of this hate, we can’t forget about George Clooney in Batman and Robin. The character has become iconic but not without its series of losses.

It’s clear the legend of Batman can survive the acting torture and still remain an icon.

12. He Actually Wasn’t That Bad

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Despite all the original hate, it turns out Affleck didn’t make as bad of a Batman as we all anticipated.

In this point of his life and career, Affleck is tired and disillusioned, which fits well with a character who has spent the last two decades fighting crime.

We know at this point that Batman has worked in Gotham for at least twenty years, he has lost at least one robin to the joker, and his body is struggling to continue being Batman.

It makes sense that Affleck wouldn’t be as strong and intimidating as other Batmans in the past have been.

While he isn’t the figure we had all originally imagined, Affleck does a decent job of playing a scarred and aged version of The Dark Knight.