Young Justice is a popular show that aired for two seasons from 2011 to 2013. The second season ended as the show was canceled, leaving DC Comics fans wanting more. The writers and creators of the new Young Justice season have certainly taken their time bringing the new season to the small screen.

Season three of Young Justice will premiere on a whole new streaming service in 2019, leaving Netflix for good. Young Justice will most likely have the abreviility to binge the old seasons, as well as the new season, on the new streaming service.

The third season currently has 26 episodes planned for release. That is good news for the die-hard Young Justice fans, as it’ll provide adequate time for an elaborate plot to unfold. While there is not yet a set release date for the impending third season of Young Justice, fans are waiting eagerly to see what the creators have in store.

When the new season premieres, there will be a six-year time span between season two and season three. With all of that time in between, the show’s fans have had a lot of time to speculate and come up with possible theories.

The new streaming service will dedicate to all thing DC Comics. Young Justice is one of the main shows to help launch the service into Netflix-level popularity. Read on to see 10 Young Justice rumors that fans are raving about!

10 Young Justice Rumors

Rumor #1: The Same Writers Will Be On Board

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There is a reliable rumor that the original writers and creators will be the brains behind season three of Young Justice. That is very exciting for the fans of the show because there is a high possibility that what they loved about the series before will continue.

While new writers and creators offer a fresh perspective on a show, fans are more interested in reliving the episodes that they already love. Even though the last episode aired in 2013, supporters have been urging for a remake for years.

There may be new additions to the creative teams for Young Justice, but as of right now, rumor has it that the original writers and creators are teaming up once again. In essence, the show will be very similar to the greatness it was before, with a modern twist on things.

Rumor #2: Season 3 is a Continuation of Season 2

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The creators of season 3 are making the new episodes a direct continuation of season 2. The Young Justice crew will pick up where they left off, with new characters added to the mix of seasoned actors.

Why not create new material that has nothing to do with the old episodes? The answer is simple - Young Justice already has a large following of fans that hold an interest in the characters and plots. Starting from scratch may not be a popular idea with such a well-loved show.

Rumor #3: Wally West May Be Returning

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Wally West was an original member of the Young Justice cast. He developed close bonds and relationships with the other original cast members. Because of this, it would make sense for Wally West to return to the show and enter back into the lives of other cast members.

The Rebirth comics featured a return of the Wally West character. That worked wonderfully to peak interest that the comics needed, so the new season of Young Justice may take the same route.

Rumor #4: Mature Themes May Be Coming

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Since the new Young Justice episodes will air on the DC network and not Cartoon Network, the creators and writers have more artistic control of the plots and characters.

Season three is going to involve meta-human trafficking plotlines. The theme “Outsiders” is most likely going to show a lot of darker, more mature themes with the characters.

With characters having powers, there is also a chance that other characters will want to take advantage and exploit them. These new themes are likely to transition into modern times and may direct toward more mature audiences.

Rumor #5: Will We See Damien?

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The Young Justice creators released an image of the character Robin. While some fans thought that Robin looked like the Damien Wayne, in reality, it was the Time Drake version of Robin.

That leaves fans wondering what will become of the character Damien Wayne. Wayne’s character may be the match that lights the fire beneath the pre-existing character plots, with his arrogant personality.

Some fans have speculated that Damien Wayne will be introduced as a flashback and brought on as a regular later on. Whether or not this is true is yet to be determined, but will make for an interesting plot twist.

Rumor #6: An Increase In The Show’s Diversity

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Young Justice is moving right along with the times and will likely feature a more diverse variety of characters. In season one and two, the show featured many female characters and characters will different backgrounds.

Relationships have been a central part of the show’s plot twists. Season three will likely continue this and show the development of relationships among new and old characters.

The show already has a varied array of characters, and the addition of new diverse characters will make it more relatable among today’s fans. The creators of Young Justice have hinted at the possibility of gay characters entering the show’s lineup.

Rumor #7: Aquaman and Mera’s Child Grown Up

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Season one of Young Justice revealed that Mera was pregnant with Aquaman’s child. This plot twist has since been forgotten, and nothing was revealed about it in the rest of season one or any part of season two.

In the comics, Mera and Aquaman’s baby was murdered by Black Mantra. The gender of the baby was never revealed in either season of the show, nor was it shown in the comics. There is a significant possibility that the child has grown up to be a superhero themselves.

The creator’s of season three of Young Justice have mentioned the possibility of Aquaman’s child being in the new season. This is great news to diehard fans, as the plot twist was never resolved. After the announcement of the pregnancy, it was left for the imagination.

Rumor #8: Issues With Darkseid

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Darkseid is one of the most heinous DC villains to date. The leader of the Apokolips, he has massive powers and is a god. With his dark following and wicked background, it is no wonder that Young Justice fans are speculating about Darkseid’s return.

The end of season two depicted Darkseid and Vandal Savage, a member of the Light, meeting up and discussing a new plan. Speculation is that meta-human trafficking is happening in the new season, and this could be the big plan that they were discussing.

The return of Darkseid is exciting simply because of the magnitude of his evil. New, young heroes will likely be set up to fight his darkness in what may become a rite of passage. Seeing the storyline between Darkseid and the Young Justice heroes will make for an exhilarating season.

Popular live-action TV shows, such as The Flash, have introduced additional characters in the hero world. These characters were not originally part of the Young Justice lineup but could make an appearance in the animated series.

Some of these characters have powers while others do not, so it may make for an interesting storyline when combining the two worlds into one.

Rumor #10: It Will Reveal The Character’s Backstories

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The Young Justice creators have revealed that they kept track of every character and story they introduced in the episodes. That will allow them to re-introduce characters that previously had a small role in the show and include them in any backstory flashbacks.

Since these smaller characters were once not as important as the main characters, there is a possibility they can have larger roles in the upcoming episodes. Whether or not this comes to fruition, every character has a chance to come back in season three.

Young Justice can go back in time and reveal how characters came to be. The creators can tell stories of the bad guys, the good guys, and everyone in between. There is a chance there to answer a lot of the fan’s burning questions on why things are as they are.

10 Young Justice Rumors: Conclusion

The highly anticipated return of Young Justice will leave fans wanting more. With the numerous rumors the show’s creators have conjured up, it is no wonder that all fans alike are anxiously awaiting the season's premiere.

Season three will show on DC’s own network, giving the creators full creative freedom. This aspect of the show will most likely combine the old, lovable show with a new, modern take.

The six-year time span between season two and season three has caused much anticipation with the show’s original fanbase. The new season is sure to delight and intrigue old and new fans!