With Marvel’s unleashing of The Avengers: Infinity War, fans were surprised with not only the ending but Thanos obtaining yet another infinity stone which created a large amount of chaos. What many people don’t realize, is that these infinity stones are not just present when Thanos appears.

The infinity stones have been a part of many Marvel movies, showing up as different objects that many people didn’t realize was an infinity stone right in front of them this whole time. So why are they so important? And why is Thanos trying to collect them all?

In this ultimate guide to MCU’s infinity stones, we’ll talk about each stone, where it’s found in the movie that they’re featured, and what each stone is supposed to do with a response to what happens when Thanos collects all of the stones on his infinity gauntlet.

What Are The Infinity Stones?

thanos collecting all infinity stones

It isn’t until the “Guardians of the Galaxy” movie that we get a reasonably good explanation as to what the infinity stones are, as well as see one in the flesh as their origin story is getting explained.

We also got a glimpse as to what happens when someone grabs the infinity stone. Not a pretty picture. For those of you who read the comics, you’re all too aware of the power that each of these stones possesses, however for moviegoers without the comics information have to rely on the evidence that we find in each Marvel movie.

As its explained, the Infinity stones are six stones that were once six celestial beings that were transformed into infinity stones once the big bang happened. Each of these stones possessed different abilities used in some of the more recent movies, in fact, we now know of the whereabouts of each stone, what they are and what skills we can expect to see out of them.

The seven stones are as follows:

  • Soul stone
  • Mind stone
  • Time stone
  • Reality stone
  • Space stone
  • Power stone

So far, all but the soul stone have made their appearance in the movies; and whole the soul stones location revealed, its abilities are still unknown. Thankfully we have the comics to fall back on to get this information alongside the trusty internet to share what information that the Marvel veterans have obtained over the years.

So why is Thanos seeking out the infinity stones and what happens when he collects them all? The comics have explained this in great detail, where Thanos fell in love with the physical embodiment of death, and he wanted the infinity stones to kill half the universe to gain her favor.

While there are several things that the movies decided to change direction on, in the comics Thanos was looking to ‘court death’ when he chose to take on the Avengers, which Thanos reply was a simple smirk that indicated that’s what he truly hoped. However, the writers seemed to abandon this idea and took a simpler approach to Thanos’s motivations.

Instead, the writers seemed happier with the idea that Thanos was on a mission to take out half of the population that inhabited the known universe, merely stating that it was too overcrowded thanks to events that occurred on his home planet which ultimately led to the complete extinction of his people.

Taking A Look At The Infinity Stones

colors and names of each infinity stones

The Soul Stone

thanos acquiring the soul stone powers

This stone has reasonably been the most elusive and unknown stone of the six. Up until recently, no one knew its whereabouts, but its location finally revealed itself in Avengers: Infinity War but what it’s abilities weren’t revealed. Sadly we’ll have to wait for the next movie to determine what the Soul Stone can do.

Thankfully we have the comics to provide a little insight. While it’s not apparent on whether the directors of the next movie are going to keep the original storyline or not has yet to reveal itself, but there are valuable aspects in the comics that they likely won’t forego for the sake of keeping the story interesting.

What we know so far is that the color of the stone is orange, and it’s likely going to be the most massive stone that fits into Thanos’s gauntlet slot. In Infinity War we realize it’s location, and how Thanos eventually ends up with it.

In the movie, Gamora finds the location of the soul stone, but instead of telling Thanos that she had seen it as he wanted, she hides the fact to prevent him from destroying the universe.

Unfortunately, in both the comics and the movie she couldn’t keep the information to herself and told Nebula that she had found the location of the stone. Thanos later tortured Nebula in front Gamora to get the information out of her which worked, and she led him to the position of the stone which on a planet known as Vormir.

They meet up with Red Skull who was transported to Vormir after the events that concluded in Captain America: The First Avenger movie. When he had tried to take the soul stone, he found out that he couldn’t because the stone itself harness’s a form of wisdom. To obtain it, one must sacrifice what one loves the most.

In Thanos’s case, what he loved the most was Gamora, his adopted daughter. She was confident that her sacrifice would not count as he did not ‘truely love her’ as the stone meant. He proceeded by shoving her off of a cliff, and when he woke up from an apparent blackout, the stone was in his hand.

When it comes to its abilities, Red Skull only alluded to the fact that it was unique and its capabilities weren’t as direct as the other stones. In the comics, the soul stone was the gem that resided in the head of a character named Adam Warlock.

When asked about this plot feature, the directors stated that they were going to use Adam for something else, likely to help tie up a very tense conclusion to the series.

The Reality Stone

red is the color of the reality stone

The reality stone is a red gem that governs over reality. The stone has the capability of giving its user control over the concept of reality in itself, however, just like the rest of the six Infinity Stones, only a being of absolute power can make use of it Or, with Jane Foster’s case, the gem house itself within her because she was a being without power.

Thanos obtaining the reality gem isn’t the first time that we see it used for something evil, in fact, the first attempt that it made an appearance was from the dark elves in which the leader of Svartalheim, Malekith, attempted to use the reality Stone to help his people. What he ended up doing was creating a weapon from the stone, and that weapon was known as Aether.

The dark elves wanted to plunge all nine of the Realms into eternal darkness merely because they do not like the sun or light in general, and that’s why aether came into being. Every 5,000 years an event known as the convergence makes it to where all nine realms align up and this event created the perfect situation to use aether against the domain.

The Asgardians intervened and managed to steal the Aether from the dark elves by force. The result of the battle decimated the entire species, and the reality stone was taken and hidden so that no one else could use its power for themselves.

Jane Foster became the reality stone toast by accidentally interacting with it when she walked through a portal. Her presence activated the stone, and when she arrived back on Earth, she began exhibiting a large amount of power projection.

Upon realizing the potential dangers with her symptoms, she was taking the Asgard by Thor where Odin was able to identify that Aether, and the reality Stone, where was in her.

Unfortunately, that meant that Malekith was able to sense the aether that emitted from her body, and infiltrated Asgard with an army to take it back. In the end, the Goddess Frigga sacrificed herself to push Malekith, and his army out without the aether. Unfortunately, the reality Stones power within Jane Foster was forcing her to die.

Thor chose to take her to Malekith where he received the infinity stone out of her body and took it upon himself. Thor and Malekith continue to fight, resulting in Thor winning the battle and Jane Foster keeping her life. Once his enemy was defeated, Thor took the Reality Stone and gave it to the collector who would be able to keep it safe.

Unfortunately, The Collector was only able to keep the stone safe for so long before Thanos found it and added it to his Infinity Gauntlet. He used the infinity stone to create an illusion that trapped the Guardians of the Galaxy and rendered himself invisible while he spoke to Gamora.

Thanos uses the reality stone again when he turned his adopted daughter’s dagger into bubbles to thwart her attempt to kill herself.

She is seeing using the reality Stones power several times throughout the movies, and upon arriving at Wakanda in the Black Panther movie, he used it to imprison Black Widow and wipe out half of the universe even though Thor had severely wounded him while using Stormbreaker.

The Space Stone

space stone being put into the gauntlet

The space stone is a blue cube was in possession of Odin where he hid it inside of a cube known as the tesseract. It has the power to create infinite energy, this power is utilized to create wormholes and other dimensions and universes, however for some reason Odin hit the Tesseract on Earth.

Red Skull and Hydra took hold of the Tesseract during World War II, and they were able to harness part of the energy for their plan of world domination. Captain America was able to foil their plan which involved using the Tesseract to launch an aerial attack on the citizens of the United States.

Red Skull did not want to give up the cube, and as a result, he disintegrated by the power of the hub. However, we later come to find out that the cube transported him to the unknown planet where the soul stone became found. More subsequently Howard Stark retrieved the cube while he searched for Steve Rogers who was perceived to be dead.

Seventy years passed by before Nick Fury had Dr. Erik Selvig examine the Tesseract to harness the energy that came from it.

Later the Tesseract started showing signs of awakening, and it wasn’t until then that something had been tampering with the energy waves of the cube in an attempt to open up a portal that would bring Loki to Earth.

Unbeknownst to them, Loki had made a deal with the Chitauri which are an alien race that sought the tesseract. Loki promises to give them the Tesseract in exchange for an army to conquer Earth. Their leader made it apparent during that exchange that they wanted to use the Tesseract as a way to access other worlds.

After a long battle where Loki lost, Thor and Loki return to Asgard with the Tesseract where it was placed in Odin’s vault to be safe from enemy hands. Unfortunately, Loki retrieved it when Surtur revived which initiated Ragnarok.

Thanos intercepted the Asgardians and took the space Stone, in which case Loki handed the Tesseract over to Thanos where he crashed the Tesseract and retrieve the stone and put it into his gauntlet.

The Power Stone

how the power stone got released

The Power Stone is the purple gem that is on Thanos’s Infinity glove; it’s a powerful weapon that allows it’s holder an immense amount of cosmic power but unfortunately it’s wielder must be a person of significant influence to even use its abilities.

The Guardians of the Galaxy were able to retrieve the orb from the Star-Lord, and they brought it to the Collector to open it before Ronan could get a hold of it. It was at this point that the Collectors assistant, Carina, use the opportunity that was presented and attempted to grab the stone to kill her master.

Due to the nature of the Infinity Stones, she was not a person of power, and unfortunately, the stone destroyed her and half of the museum that the collector had put together. While the Guardians attempted to escape, Ronan was hot on their heels and captured them before the stone could be retrieved.

However, Nebula was able to take the stone into her possession and give it to Ronan. In the end, Thanos managed to retrieve the Stone from Xander and at that point, he inserted it into his Infinity Gauntlet.

mind stone on vision's forehead
green is the color of the time stone