The comic book world has produced many superheroes that have been admired for generations. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Spiderman are some of the typical superheroes both adults and kids love. However, several villains have also emerged from the comic book world, including Harley Quinn of the Suicide Squad. For people into cosplay, villains are as much fun to imitate as superheroes, but finding the right costume is important. Here are 15 of the coolest Harley Quinn cosplay outfits currently on the market.

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What is Cosplay?

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Cosplay, which is a term created from the words ‘costume’ and ‘play’ and involves dressing as fictional characters from any genre the player chooses. The term didn’t exist until 1984 when Takahashi Nobuyuki, a video game creator, coined it at Los Angeles WorldCon.

When cosplay began, the players wore costumes inspired by anime, manga, and video games. Today, it can be almost any genre of fiction, including comic books. Many people make their costumes, but cosplay has become so popular that costume designers are creating them to buy off the rack.

Who is Harley Quinn?

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Harley Quinn is a villain who made her first appearance in the Batman animated series in 1992. She was Joker’s sidekick, who is Batman’s arch rival. Quinn is a humorous character whose name is a play on the word Harlequin, which is synonymous with a jester or joker.

The character seems cheerful and is always ready with a joke, but she is dangerous and insane. She was once a psychiatrist, Harleen Quinzel, who met the Joker while treating him at an insane asylum. She fell in love with him and helped him escape. She doesn’t have superpowers but is a skilled gymnast and is often seen carrying a baseball bat or an oversized mallet as weapons.

Several costumes can be worn to represent Harley Quinn, including a black and red outfit with the colors on opposite sides. Her outfits can consist of a tee-shirt and shorts, or orange prisoner’s garb. She usually has blonde hair that looks red or pink and dark blue or black on the other. We’ve found 15 outfits for people who want to play Harley Quinn to choose from for their next cosplay event.

How We Chose Our Ratings

After examining each of the 15 Harley Quinn outfits, we gave each one a rating from one to five stars, with five being the highest. We determined them due to the accuracy of the outfit, its quality, and the reviews and testimonials from customers who bought them.

Coolest 15 Harley Quinn Cosplay Outfits

If you want to go to a comic book convention like ComicCon as Harley Quinn, then you need the best outfit possible. Here are 15 outfits we found to play the insane, comical Quinn.

Roma Costume Villainous Vixen, Harlequin Catsuit

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This Roma catsuit is for a villainous vixen like Harley Quinn. It is a contrasting red and black costume with a diamond pattern in the same colors. The polyester/spandex outfit is made in the USA and hand washable. It comes with a mask that fits over the eyes. It is available in women’s sizes small, medium, and large.

Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Bravo Detainee 3 Piece Womens Costume

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This Harley Quinn outfit comes from the movie Suicide Squad. It consists of three pieces, a pair of oranges pants, an orange button-up shirt, and a tank. The tank is a blend of 60 percent polyester and 40 percent cotton. The pants and shirt are 100 percent cotton.

The outfit is an officially licensed product of DC Comics. It is available in women's sizes small, medium, large, and extra-large. The clothes have a relaxed fit, and many reviewers said it was comfortable for lounging in after using it as a costume.

Dreamgirl Women’s Harlequin Blaster Costume

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This costume doesn’t have the Harley Quinn name attached to it because it is not an officially licensed product. However, it is the type of outfit that Quinn would wear. It consists of a jumpsuit with a zippered bodice that’s made to look as if it has thigh high boots.

The outfit is 100 percent polyester in half black and half red with diamond shapes on the bodice. It also comes with a pair of fingerless gloves, one that is black and the other that is red. There is also a black choker with buckle detail in front and a play knife.

This outfit is dry clean only, and it is available in women’s sizes small, medium, large, and extra-large. Many of the reviewers found that the outfit ran true to size.

Rubie’s Women’s Deluxe Corset, Harley Quinn

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This corset is a licensed DC Comics product for the character of Harley Quinn. It has contrasting colors of red and black, with spaghetti straps and buckle details on the side. The garment is 90 percent polyester, 10 percent spandex, the lining is 100 percent polyester and uses 100 percent foam for comfort in some areas. It is available in women’s sizes small/medium and medium/large.

Rubie’s Women’s DC Heroes and Villains Collection Costume: Harley Quinn

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This Harley Quinn jumpsuit is part of the DC Heroes and Villains Collection, which is an officially licensed DC costume. It is a court jester costume, which is also known as a harlequin. The jumpsuit comes with boot tops that are attached to the costume, as well as a collar, eyepiece, and headpiece.

The costume is a combination of polyester and spandex, so it stretches over the body. The mask contains polyurethane foam for comfort. The suit is hand washable, so you can rinse it out and hang dry it. It’s available in women’s sizes extra-small, small, and medium. One side is red, and one side is black that alternatives between the top and bottom.

Rubie’s Women’s Suicide Squad Deluxe Harley Quinn Attire

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This Harley Quinn cosplay outfit consists of a jacket with an attached top, a pair of shorts, fishnet stockings and a belt. The jacket is half red and half blue with a gold strip running from the shoulder down the sleeve. The shorts are also half red and half blue. The belt that accompanies the outfit looks like it is studded.

The top says, ‘Daddy’s Lil Monster’ and it is a crop top. The fabric is 100 percent polyester, so it is hand washable. The costume is officially licensed from the Suicide Squad movie. It is available in women’s sizes small, medium, and large.

Forplay Women’s Jazzy Jester Costume

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If you’re looking for a sexy costume to wear for Harley Quinn, then this Jazzy Jester outfit by Forplay should fit the bill. The jester bodysuit is 95 percent polyester and five percent spandex. It has a three-quarter length adjustable zipper to allow the wearer to step in or out it easily.

The top of the suit has black on the right and red on the left, then the colors are on the opposites side on the bottom. It also has black diamond shapes on the red side. The costume comes from the US, and it is hand washable.

Underboss Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Sequin Chemise Costume

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This Harley Quinn outfit by Underboss isn’t the typical outfit for the insane harlequin. Instead of having the opposing colors of black and red, its colors are gold and black. The dress looks almost like a flapper style with fringe at the bottom and a thin strap going around the neck.

The officially licensed dress is 90 percent polyester and 10 percent elastic.

Rubie’s Costume Kids DC Superheroes Girls Harley Quinn Outfit

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Not all girls who like superhero movies want to play the hero because sometimes they want to play a villain like Harley Quinn. This girls' costume consists of a jumpsuit, wide faux leather bracelet, eye mask, and a faux leather belt to match the bracelet.

The top has a diamond pattern with red and black opposing colors and red and black tights to match. It also consists of a pair of denim looking shorts. The outfit is 100 percent polyester, so it is washable. The costume is available in girls’ sizes small, medium, and large.

Rubie’s DC Super Villains Harley Quinn Tween Costume

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This costume is for teenage girls who want to play Harley Quinn at a comic book convention or attend a costume party. It is a licensed outfit by DC Universe and consists of a headpiece, dress, eye mask, glovettes, and tights in the opposing colors of red and black. It has a diamond pattern on the dress and tights. The sizes available are small and medium.

Rubie’s Secret Wishes Batman Arkham City Sexy Harley Quinn 

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The Rubie’s Secret Wishes collection includes this outfit for Harley Quinn reflects her time on the Suicide Squad. The costume consists of:

  • A corset style crop top
  • Pants
  • A black choker with a buckle detail
  • Glovelettes
  • Belt
The entire outfit is faux-leather in red and black. However, it is polyester except for the trim. It is an officially licensed Arkham City outfit for Harley Quinn. It is available in x-small, small, medium, and large.

Whenever you buy a costume from a store, you should read their size chart to help you find the correct size to fit you. The outfits do not have to be licensed if you’re going as a certain character because you can buy outfits in the same patterns and designs as the character to imitate them.

For Harley Quinn, you can purchase clothing with black and red or red and blue opposing colors with diamond patterns to look like a harlequin. However, if you’re buying a Harley Quinn cosplay costume, then check the sizes and read the comments section to see if the costume runs big or small so you know which size to get for yourself or the person wearing it.