Ever wondered how Gotham functioned before Batman? Was it always so dark and so full of notorious criminals? In September 2014, Gotham premiered on the Fox network and brought the pre-Batman face of the city to light. Based on characters from DC’s Batman comic series, a young Jim Gordon features as the central character. Gordon takes on the darkness in the city all alone. Even better for fans, the show is written and developed by Bruno Heller, and is directed by Danny Canyon.

SPOILER ALERT: Below is everything you could want to know about Gotham, including key plot points and season endings. If you haven’t watched a season, you may want to skip that section.

Gotham Season 1

The pilot of the TV series shows Bruce Wayne’s parents being murdered and robbed in an alley in the city. Jim Gordon, a new entrant in the Gotham City Police Department (GCPD) is paired up with Harvey Dent to investigate the case. The storyline of the season revolves around the duo uncovering the corruption-ridden system of the city. During their investigation, they come across mob bosses Falcone and Maroni. The season also introduces Oswald Cobblepot (Penguin), Edward Nygma (The Riddler), Leslie Thompkins, Selina Kyle (Catwoman), and Fish Mooney.

The season ends with Cobblepot (AKA, the Penguin) rising to take over the city. On the other hand, Bruce discovers that Wayne Enterprises is involved in corruption. He decides to take matters into his own hands and investigate the board members. Jim is demoted to work as a beat officer after he and Bullock are involved in the killing of Waynes’ murder suspect. All in all, the season keeps the audiences on the edge of their seats with the twists and turns.

Gotham Season 2

The season opens with the introduction of the main villains Theo Galvan and his sister Tabitha. The duo frees inmates from Arkham to take over the city. The season revolves around Gordon struggling to keep his position as the detective in the department safe after being reinstated courtesy of the Penguin’s influence. The show then introduces fans to a mysterious area known as Indian Hill. An evil doctor named Hugo Strange is shown to experiment on people to turn them into super beings.

However, Penguin loses control over the city after Galvan overthrows him and seizes control. In order to announce himself to the criminal world, Galvan plans to kill Bruce. However, he fails and meets his untimely end. Meanwhile, Nygma lets his evil side reign supreme after he accidentally kills his love interest. Nygma frames Gordon for his murder. After being sentenced to a life sentence, Gordon escapes with the help of Bullock and Falcone. He finds out that Leslie Thompkins, his love interest, lost their unborn child and fled the city while he was in prison.

Meanwhile, Strange brings Galvan back to life and uses a mythological story to control him to get rid of Gordon. However, his idea backfires when Galvan regains a part of his memory and goes behind Bruce instead. Gordon yet again rescues Bruce and finishes Galvan for good this time. The season ends on a high after revealing that Strange has managed to bring Fish Mooney back to life. The revived Fish, like Strange’s other victims, is blessed with superpowers and manages to escape Indian Hill in order to take over the city once again.

Selena Kyle ready to take over Gotham

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Gotham Season 3

The third season opens with a disappointed Gordon finding out that Lee has settled with another man. Disgruntled at the fact, he gives up his job as the detective and becomes a bounty hunter instead. On his cash-making expedition, he comes across Alice Tetch, whose blood has the power to bring out the worst in people while giving them super-human powers.

Bruce’s discoveries

On the other hand, Bruce is well underway in his investigation. The young and only remaining Wayne discovers a group named the Court Of Owls. The group threatens to harm Bruce’s loved ones, forcing him into a deal to leave them alone. Penguin befriends Nygma, and together they make Penguin the mayor of Gotham.

Leslie Thompkins chooses the dark side

Lee returns to the city with his fiance Mario Falcone and returns to her old job in GCPD. Gordon follows in her footsteps after meeting Alice Tetch during his bounty-hunter expeditions. However, Mario gets infected with Alice’s blood, turning him into an obsessed lover. He plans to kill Lee after their wedding, but Gordon comes to her rescue and ends up killing Mario. However, Gordon fails to prove that Mario was infected and ends up with a disgruntled Lee Thompkins.

Lee decides to avenge Mario’s death by infecting herself with the virus in Tetch’s blood. Furthermore, she challenges Gordon to infect himself in order to pursue their happiness while in a whole different state of mind.

The infamous Ra’s al Ghul enters the scene

Meanwhile, Bruce is kidnapped and replaced with his doppelganger from the Indian Hill. He is brainwashed and turned into a weapon which ultimately releases the virus on the city. A situation of chaos engulfs Gotham before Strange is captured by Penguin and Fish. Both team up to torture Strange and find the cure for the virus. In the end, Gotham is saved after Penguin distributes the virus among the infected in the city.

The end of the season introduces fans to the infamous Ra’s al Ghul. Ra’s al Ghul manipulates Bruce into stabbing Alfred but eventually tells him the way to save his beloved caretaker. Bruce frees himself from Ra’s al Ghul’s manipulation and decides to don the role of a vigilante to save the city.

Gotham Season 4

In the aftermath of Tetch’s virus epidemic, Penguin regains the control of the city. The notorious Cobblepot issues licenses allowing criminals to commit crimes while keeping the police department on his payroll. This, in turn, triggers Gordon to reach out to Falcone who is in exile. Gordon tries to pursue Falcone to return to the city in order to put a check on Penguin’s power.

Sophia Falcone comes to Gordon’s rescue

Although Falcone refuses to return to the city, his daughter Sophia accompanies Gordon to regain control over Gotham. On the other hand, Nygma, after being betrayed by Penguin, meets Butch, who is not the same person anymore. Butch’s character evolves into DC’s famous villain, Solomon Grundy. Together, the two fight in an underground fight club in the narrows where they meet Leslie Thompkins a.k.a Lee. Lee is trying to redeem herself by serving the people in the area who have still not recovered from the Tectch virus attack.

However, Sophia’s real intention to visit Gotham is revealed later when she turns on Gordon. She reveals her real agenda was to avenge her brother Mario’s death. Sophia pushes the city in a state of war and states that Gordon will now have to live with the guilt.

Bruce murders Ra’s al Ghul

The storyline becomes more complicated with the city up for grabs. Multiple characters fight it out to rise to power while Gordon takes each step necessary to free the city from evil. Ra’s al Ghul uses Barbara to manipulate Bruce into killing him and naming him the future head of the League of Assasins.

Joker torments Gotham

Meanwhile, Jerome Valeska, AKA the Joker, returns to cause havoc in the city. He assembles the Legion of Horribles to take the city hostage. Nygma and Lee join hands to take control of the narrows until Nygma’s alter ego, the Riddler, gains back consciousness. The plot gets even more twisted after it is revealed that Jerome has a twin brother: Jeremiah.

After failing to turn Gotham City to ashes, Jerome commits suicide, leaving a special present for his brother, Jeremiah. Jerome’s poisonous gas pushes Jeremiah off the edge and drives him insane. Jeremiah starts where his twin brother had left and plans to destroy the city using generators from Wayne Enterprises.

Joker looks on as Bruce stands unaware of the danger looming over Gotham

Bruce’s downfall

Bruce finds it hard to accept the fact that he couldn’t avenge his parents’ death after killing Ra’s al Ghul. His obsession with revenge leads him to fire Alfred as his butler and legal guardian. However, the League of Assasins resurrects Ra’s al Ghul, who plans to team up with Jeremiah to destroy Gotham.

Ra’s al Ghul’s resurrection

The Demon’s head (Ra’s al Ghul) plans to use Gotham City’s destruction as the reason to turn Bruce into the Dark Knight for the city. The last episode of the season airs on May 17, 2018, and fans just can’t wait to witness the confusion and chaos in action on screen.

The Gotham Cast

The show consists of a sterling cast with some of the most elite names in the industry. Ben McKenzie stars in the role of Jim Gordon, while David Mazouz plays young Bruce Wayne. Sean Pertwee plays the role of Alfred Pennyworth, and Camren Bicondova depicts the young Catwoman dealing with hardship in Gotham’s alleys.

The other cast includes Robin Taylor (Penguin/ Oscar Cobblepot), Cory Micheal Smith (The Riddler), Donal Logue (Harvey Bullock), Erin Richards (Barbara Kean), Morena Baccari n(Leslie Thompkins), Jada Pinkett Smith (Fish Mooney).

Watch Gotham Episodes Online

Each Gotham episode is approximately 40 to 42 minutes in length. Fans can view Gotham episodes on the official site of the Fox Network or can binge watch the series on Netflix.

The action-packed and unpredictable plotline of the TV series has pushed the fans to the edge of their seats. Gotham is rated 7.9 on IMDb and is a must watch series for all the DC Comics fans around the world.


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