Drawing anime has captured the hearts of kids and adults alike across the world. Anime art is one of the most popular forms of drawing. This form of art can be traditional, whimsical, and even digital. Whether you’re a fan of anime or manga, drawing your favorite anime characters can be fun. Some fans of anime draw by pausing their favorite shows or going to Google to find just the right picture.

Today, you can follow your favorite anime artists on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. With so many outlets, it is easy to find your favorite characters drawn. Hayao Miyazaki of Studio Ghibli, Mark Crilley creator of Brody’s Ghost, and Sakimichan, a digital artist, are three very popular anime artists.

Inspiration can be found everywhere for drawing anime. And, we have gathered the best of it here for you. From beginner artists to professionals, drawing anime can be easy!

How to Draw Anime

What does it take for drawing anime? Like most artists out there, beginners should learn the basics. For those who don’t know, learning the basics is practicing straight lines, squares, ovals, and circles. Sure, this part is boring, but getting the basics down helps to set a foundation for what follows.

You can still draw anime art, but also practice drawing your shapes and lines a few minutes each day. You’re also going to want to learn perspective for those fun anime drawings with loads of characters. Take the time to learn every day, and you will be on your way to drawing anime like the professionals in no time!

Beginners welcome!

Beginners frequently look for instruction on how to draw anime on Google. New artists often look for easy tutorials to follow; either by images, websites, or YouTube videos. One of the most common items searched for are the eyes.

Why are anime eyes so popular?

They seem to be a fascinating thing to draw, and artists rendered them in several different ways. Eyes are often described as windows to the soul. It’s no wonder beginners create characters with amazing eyes of different styles. Check out this video by LethalChris Drawing on YouTube. The tutorial is very detailed in a speed drawing video. From sketch to color, beginners are sure to learn a lot. A note to all beginners — take your time learning. Don’t rush. And most of all, don’t get discouraged when starting out. All artists have to start somewhere.

Anime Art — A Brief History

It comes as no surprise that anime art captures the imagination of fans across the world. This art form started in the early 20th century. Japan is the birthplace of anime art. Anime (pronounced “ani-may”), the Japanese word for animation, got its start in World War II. Japanese artists were inspired by Walt Disney. One such artist, Osamu Tezuka, created his first work of art, Shintakarajima. But after he released his ultimate work, Tetsuwan Atomu (Astro Boy), was he named the “father of anime and manga.” Not only did he get inspiration from Disney, but he also got inspired by French and German cinemas.

Many generations of anime artists came after Tezuka. Akira Toriyama, Rumiko Takashi, Hayao Miyazaki, Isao Takahata, and many others came later. You can find anime drawings by these artists on Google. One of the most famous artists of this bunch is Hayao Miyazaki, creator of Studio Ghibli. Anime art has reached from Japan all the way around the world. Drawing anime has become a great past-time for beginners. Some anime artists are even working from home, making money doing what they love.

Anime Artists to Follow

Anime is slowly taking over the world and expanding, giving many of us inspirational illustrations. The next generation of anime artists is taking to social media to share their anime drawings. From traditional pen and pencil to digital and from 3-D art to watercolors, these artists are inspiring beginners around the world. Where can you find these artists? Instagram is the leading platform for most artists to share their work.

Social media is an excellent way for those drawing anime to spread love. You’ll find beginners starting out to professionals sharing tutorials. Below are anime artists to follow that have grown popular by using social media, manga, and even movies to become famous.

Mark Crilley: Creator of Brody’s Ghost

Mark Crilley is an American artist and manga creator most widely known for Miki Falls and Brody’s Ghost. He started drawing from an early age. When he graduated from college, he met David Small, a children’s book writer/illustrator. He credits Small for affecting his development as an artist. In the early 90s, Crilley lived in Japan and Taiwan. However, it was during his stay in Japan that he created his first adventure comic, Akiko. Brody’s Ghost and Miki Falls followed after this.

Mark Crilley creates tutorials for beginners and fans of anime. His how-to-draw anime tutorials are well thought out and easy to follow. He makes drawing anime fun with challenges.

He even has popular videos with Q&As while drawing Audrey Hepburn. Mark Crilley’s talent seems endless!

If you’re looking for a new artist to follow, check him out on YouTube!

Hayao Miyazaki: Co-founder of Studio Ghibli

If you haven’t heard of Studio Ghibli, you must be living under a rock. All joking aside, Hayao Miyazaki has many talents. He is a Japanese film director, screenwriter, and artist, just to name a few items on his resume. Miyazaki has created several movies that fans of Studio Ghibli can’t get enough of, including My Neighbor TotoroPrincess Mononoke, and Kiki’s Delivery Service. At the time they came out in Japan, his movies had critical and commercial success.

Beautiful anime drawing in this Academy Award winning film, Spirited Away.
Image: Promotional Poster, by Studio Ghibli, via IMDb

Hayao Miyazaki received the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature at the 75th Academy Awards for his movie Spirited Away in 2001. But fans were in tears when he announced his retirement in 2016. However, his movies remain an inspiration for drawing anime. Characters such as Kiki and her cat Jiji are drawn by fans across the world. Other favorites to draw are Howl and Sophie, Princess Mononoke, and Chihiro from Spirited Away. Who are your favorite characters to draw?

Sakimichan: Digital artist extraordinaire

Sakimichan is a Canadian artist’s pen name who is very well known for her digital artwork. She takes drawing anime to a whole other level and does a beautiful job doing it. She makes it look so easy! Her style is gorgeous and whimsical, creating characters inspired by Disney, Warner Brothers, and Cartoon Network.

Fans who follow her love anime drawings of fanart. Who knew drawing anime could look so amazing and real? Don’t believe me, check out some of her artwork on her social media platforms. Over on DeviantArt, you can find a lot of her deviations. Yes, there is some content that is for mature audiences only. So viewer beware. Some things are not for younger viewers’ eyes.

anime drawing from Sakimi Chan of Pinku character

For such a young artist, she has a wide following on Facebook. Her “About” section says that she hopes to inspire others to find their passion in life, whatever it may be. You’ll find images to inspire you. Her work includes fan art of Disney characters, anime art such as Final Fantasy characters, Mario characters and, more.

Looking for another way to connect with Sakimichan? Follow her on Patreon. Patreon allows followers to support their favorite artists by purchasing packages available to them. On Patreon, drawing anime is easy! Sakimichan simply creates content and makes it available through different prize packages each month. Her followers can get video tutorials, art prints, and more. Her more popular packages include anime art that is NSFW (not safe for work). If you’re a fan of drawing anime and need new inspiration, be sure to follow Sakimichan.

What Does Drawing Anime Take — Tools of the Trade

Drawing anime isn’t as hard as everyone makes it out to be. When it comes to drawing anime, you should start where you’re most comfortable. As you grow as an artist, so too will your profile.

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So, what does it take to draw anime? You’re going to need some tools to start off with. Each artist is different, but there are things every beginner needs.

  • A good sketchbook: Bristol Boards are good quality paper and come in several sizes.
  • Pencils: Mechanical and graphite pencils are great beginner tools.
  • Inks: Whether you’re using markers or pens, find ones suitable for you.
  • Erasers: A good quality eraser makes lines look sharper and gives fewer smudges on your paper.

The tools you choose are up to you. Just remember to not go expensive in the beginning.

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Drawing Anime is Fun

Don’t forget to have fun when drawing anime. You can find inspiration anywhere. Check out anime TV shows and how to draw anime tutorials. Wherever you go to learn, pick tools that are going to help you expand your knowledge. You can do that by following artists such as Mark Crilley and Sakimichan. Whatever your inspiration, keep practicing and doing what makes you happy.

Featured Image: Screencap, by Nina Nga Nguyen, via YouTube

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