Marvel just released the second Captain Marvel trailer, and we’re pretty excited. Carol Danvers, played by Academy Award-winner Brie Larson, hints at a multi-faceted persona as Captain Marvel, a former human turned superpower.

If you’re like us, the trailers have left you more questions than answers. After watching the trailers half a dozen times, however, we’ve picked out six things you might have missed in the new Captain Marvel trailers. Keep reading to see if you caught them, too!

Carol Danvers, Introduced  

Carol Danvers on captain marvel trailer

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Captain Marvel opens in March 2019, a mere two months before Larson is also expected to appear in the second Infinity Wars movie, which is still not named.

The first trailer, released in September 2018, opens with Brie Larson falling from the sky and crashing through a Blockbuster. She gets up and begins a walking montage, with Samuel L. Jackson narrating, “war is a universal language. I know a renegade soldier when I see one. It never occurred to me that one might come from above.”

This first trailer is more about giving us a glimpse of Larson playing Danvers than it is about setting up a clear plot arch. We get glimpses of Danvers meeting Fury, Jackson’s character, a role he reprises here once again.  

We also get glimpses of what might be a Captain Marvel origins story: Carol Danvers becoming a Kree superhuman, driving a golf cart as a child, and piloting an Air Force jet as a young woman.

“I keep having these memories,” explains Carol in the trailer, “I see flashes. I think I had a life here, but I can’t tell if it’s real.” And later, “I’m not what you think I am.”

In one alarming scene, Carol walks up to an elderly woman on a train and punches her, hard.

1. Is Carol Danvers Who We Think She Is?

Carol Danvers

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Maybe it’s the Captain Marvel story arch from the original comics, or maybe it’s the red and blue suit she’s wearing (Captain America flashbacks anyone?) in some shots, but maybe Carol Danvers is exactly what she’s telling us--not who we think she is.

The old lady she hits on the train turns out to be an enemy in disguise, but we won’t learn that till the next trailer. There’s a lot Carol doesn’t fully understand about herself, and a lot we have left to learn, too.

It’s unclear how, for example, Marvel plans on explaining Danvers’ absence in the Marvel universe up till now.

2. Fury Doesn’t Have an Eye Patch

Fury on captain marvel trailer

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Did something seem weird about Nick Fury, but you couldn’t put your finger on it? It’s because he has two eyes! All eight Marvel movies to date with a Fury appearance have shown Fury with an eye patch over his left eye due to some kind of injury.

The only time we’ve seen underneath the patch was in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the 2014 film in which Fury explains that he lost an eye because he trusted somebody.

The comic book explanation for how Fury lost his eye is a grenade that went off when he was leading an American G.I. unit during World War II. Since Captain Marvel takes place in the 1990s (you didn’t catch that either? Keep reading!), the movie arch can’t include a lost eye decades before then.

While Captain Marvel is a sort of origins story for Carol Danvers, hopefully, it will also serve as an origins story for Fury!

3. Carol Danvers is a Kree

Carol Danvers is a Kree

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We get glimpses of Carol as a Kree in the first trailer, but it’s not till the second trailer that the story begins to pan out.

The second Captain Marvel trailer is about twenty seconds longer than the first and gets down to business a lot faster. First of all, it explains that crazy grandma scene on the train--after the punch, grandma fights back, nearly as strong as Danvers.

A conversation between Fury and Danvers explains that she’s a Kree, a race of “noble warrior heroes.” Shortly after, we see Danvers marching in a v-formation, clearly the leader of a posse of Krees, all of whom are green, wearing, or both.

A voice explains “we found you,” detailing how Danvers was found, free of her memories, and made into a much more powerful, longer-living race of people. “You were reborn,” explains the voice, later revealed to be provided by Annette Bening.

Could the truth be more complicated than that? A voice in the trailer asks, “would you like to know what you really are?” We see Carol pouring over old military records, insisting that somewhere in her past is “the key to all this.”

What is “all this” and what is Carol trying to solve? The plot thickens, but we should point out that this isn’t the first time in the Marvel movies that we’ve seen Krees.

The 2014 Marvel movie Guardians of the Galaxy features a subplot that involves the Kree Empire. Ronan the Accuser and Korath the Pursuer are both Kree. Ronan’s killing spree plays a part in the overall story arch when the Kree Empire refuses to reign him in, even though the Krees have signed a peace treaty with Xandar.

4. Which War?

Skrulls on captain marvel trailer

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The end of Infinity War left us devastated--heroes dead, earth in destruction. But it also hinted at Captain Marvel’s return to earth. We know there’s a war going on, but is it the same one Danvers gets involved in for the Captain Marvel movie?

The second trailer tells us something about Skrulls, the shapeshifters who are the sworn enemies of the Krees. We know from the comic book plots that there’s a Kree-Skrull war that lays waste to Earth. What we don’t know is how Carol Danvers gets involved.

Fury calls Danvers at the very end of Infinity War, just before he’s turned into dust; will we finally get close to learning why, and whether or not it will make a difference? We know almost nothing about Danvers’ allegiance to Earth at this point, and why she’d leave Kree interests to play the hero down here.

5. Things Are Set a Few Decades Back

captain marvel characters

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While the trailers don’t lead us to expect a nuanced, multi-faceted performance, we’ve already seen other actors like Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. deliver powerful, believable performances as their respective superheroes and we have no reason to believe yet that Larson doesn’t have what it takes to do the same in Captain Marvel.

What you won’t see from the trailers is the time spent preparing Brie for her role. The actor and musician were chosen for the role after an intense audition process. She’s worked with Air Force experts, learned wrestling, judo, and boxing, and trained for nine months to prepare for her role.
Whatever the new Captain Marvel plot has in store for us, we’re ready for it. A Kree super war? Captain Marvel showing powers we’ve never seen before? Brie Larson delivering an epic performance? Nick Fury with two eyes? Bring it all, and here’s hoping we get some of the answers we’re looking for in the new movie!