– Our Mission –

A long time ago in a basement not so far away…. Nerd Lore was created. Our mission was to create a platform where all nerds and geeks alike can unite and gain information on all things nerdy. From Scifi, comics, tech, anime to fantasy; our site boasts creativity, engagement, authenticity and entertainment. 




We are Nerds with incredible enthusiasm for comics, scifi, fantasy, anime, cosplay, games, and all things people would consider nerdy. We want NerdLore to be your source from nerd culture. Get all the hottest news on comics, scifi, fantasy, anime, movies and so much more. NerdLore provides a calendar of upcoming events that you don’t want to miss out on. Simply add your location and see what’s going on near you or save upcoming events you want to attend in the future. Never miss an event again and stay up to date on the hottest trends on news all thanks to us at NerdLore.